Analysts expect Salesforce (CRM) to hit $94.50 Price Target in next 52-weeks

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Cisco (CSCO) and Salesforce (CRM), the Consumer Success Platform and the world’s #1 CRM company, reported a planned alliance to enable business users to be more helpful than ever before. The two companies will together develop and market solutions that join Cisco’s collaboration, IoT and contact center platforms with Salesforce Sales Cloud, IoT Cloud and Service Cloud.

New integrations will include:

Collaboration: Cisco and Salesforce will natively integrate Cisco Spark and WebEx into Sales Cloud and Service Cloud via the Salesforce Lightning Framework. With this integration, joint consumers will be able to communicate in real-time using chat, video, and voice without leaving Salesforce or having to install a plug-in, eliminating the hassle of toggling between apps.

IoT Services: Cisco Jasper and the Salesforce IoT Cloud will integrate to provide visibility, control and recommended consumer actions for connected devices, providing businesses with a more comprehensive and intelligent view of their IoT services. Cisco Jasper provides real-time visibility into launching, managing and monetizing IoT devices at every stage of their lifecycle.

Customer Service: The two market leaders in customer service are teaming up to deliver a complete customer service solution, from communications infrastructure to an integrated, intelligent agent desktop experience

Currently Inc (CRM) captured an average recommendation of “ Buy ” from analysts. The stock has been suggested as “Buy” from “39″ Analysts”. “0” rated “Sell” for the company. “2” said the company as a “Hold”. Overweight rating was given by “2” and Underweight rating was given by “1”.

Analysts are expecting that the company to achieve $94.50 Price Target in next 52-weeks, average price is come up through the consensus of analysts. High potential price target is set at $110.00 however minimum price target advised by analysts is $68.00. The Median price target for the stock is measured at $95.00.

Presently, Analysts decided consensus EPS estimate of $0.21 for present quarter and one month ago projected EPS estimate was at $0.24. If we take a look at back 3 month ago, consensus EPS estimate was $0.25.

A current consensus EPS estimate for next quarter is at $0.25 and 3 month ago EPS forecast was $0.26. Have a look at back 1 month ago, consensus EPS forecast was seen at $0.25.

For current fiscal year, most recent EPS estimate is set at $0.95 based on Analyst consensus and three month ago consensus EPS opinions was at $0.98. During period one month ago, consensus EPS forecast was decided at $0.96.

A current consensus EPS projection for next fiscal year is observed at $1.28 and one month ago consensus EPS forecast was at $1.31. Take a look at back three month ago, consensus EPS estimate opinions was decided at $1.32 by analysts.

One Month ago, the stock has gained consensus mean rating of Buy based on the analysis of brokerage analyst firms polled. 41 presented the recommendations about the stock as a “Buy” signal and “Overweight” signal was reported by 3. 3 advised the “Hold” rating about this stock. 0 revealed “Sell” signal and “Underweight” rating was declared by 1.

Three Months Ago, Analysts recommended an average brokerage rating of Buy derived from brokerage firms, according to FactSet. 39 said a “Buy Rating” and 2 announced “Overweight Rating”. 5 advised “Hold Rating” regarding the stock. 0 announced “Sell Rating” and 1 disclosed “Underweight Rating”.


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